There are few controllers that can claim to play just about anything, but Mixdeck Express enables you to play standalone through different media, plus connect to a laptop. Mixdeck Express is a full-featured DJ controller that comes complete with Serato DJ Intro software, two CD decks, dual USB flash drives, and a fully-integrated three-channel mixer. 

It’s gig-ready—everything you need to connect to a sound system is built right in, including balanced XLR outs, two 1/4" balanced mic inputs and 1/8" and 1/4" headphone output. The built-in screen displays your basic song information and gives you the ability to switch between USB, CD and computer.


The two high performance decks on Mixdeck Express feature large touch-sensitive platters for mixing and scratching. There’s a seamless looping feature to customize your mix along with a reverse and brake feature. Mixdeck Express has a built-in mixer with 3-channel EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader and external inputs to help you mix in external playback devices or an additional microphone.


  • Dual CD/MP3 CD drives
  • USB thumb drive support
  • Multi-function jog wheel
  • Dual-channel audio mixer
  • Jog wheels for searching and scratching
  • 2-deck computer controller with screens and Serato DJ Intro software included
  • Complete dual player system with CD/MP3/USB flash drive support
  • ±6, 12, 25, 100% pitch ranges, brake, reverse, and scratch effects and seamless looping capability
  • Smooth, fast, slot-loading drives with large, touch-sensitive platters
  • 3-channel mixer with EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader and external inputs
  • Does the Numark Mixdeck Express come with software?
    • Yes, the Numark Mixdeck Express comes with Serato DJ Intro. It will also work with Serato DJ as well (sold separately).
  • Does the Mixdeck Express come with a thumb drive?
    • The Numark Mixdeck Express comes with two USB ports that supports accessing music from a USB thumb drive or hard drive. The actual thumb drive or hard drive is sold separately.
  • Do I need drivers for my Mixdeck Express?
    • You do not need to download or install any drivers for the Mixdeck Express to function as expected.
      The audio interface in the MIixdeck Express is class compliant. It uses device drivers that are already built into all Windows and Mac operating systems. This means that there are no extra drivers for you to install. This also means that the Mixdeck Express will be compatible with the latest Mac and Windows operating systems the minute they come out - no driver updates needed!
  • The Mixdeck Express isn't reading my CD. Why not and what can I do?
    • If a player on your Mixdeck Express is not reading any CD at all, including store-bought disks, contact the Numark Technical Support team for assistance.

      If the difficulty occurs only with burned disks, or only with some burned disks, this generally indicates that the disks themselves are the most significant factor.

      The suggestions included below might be helpful in this case:
      • The importance of using high quality media and slow burn speeds:
        Your clients depend on you, you depend on your gear, your gear depends on the media you feed it. We recommend that DJ’s be as picky as possible when choosing the brand of CD-R, and the burning speed they use. If store-bought disks are playing fine, but burned disks are not, then it means there are significant enough errors on the burned disks that the CD is in danger of not being fully playable in all machines. If one player (that plays store-bought disks fine) has difficulty even one time, this means that the disk has significant errors on it. Consider re-burning it on higher quality media with a slower burn speed.

        By using high quality media, and slow (i.e. not 52x) burn speeds, you can create disks with low errors. The slower the burn speed, the fewer the errors. This way, the buffer in the CD player can be used to ensure that when your disks get beat up down the line, they can still play. If the buffer is used up dealing with the errors induced by poor media or fast burn speeds, then the lifespan of that disk will be extremely short (regardless of the player you use).

        We often use a car tire analogy: Treads on new tires aren’t as thick as they are because tires require that thickness to be safe. The treads on new tires are thick because we know the tire will wear over time, and we want them to last as long as possible. Using poor media or fast burn speeds is like choosing to drive on bald tires. You can do it (my dad sure did), and you may find people who will say they’ve driven thousands of miles on these tires with no problem. While you may be fine for a while, and could make a habit or a career out of it, the danger is always there. When people are depending on you, you want as much buffer between you and disaster as possible.

      • CD-RW:
        CD-RW disks are not supported. When burning your own music, purchase disks that are labeled CD-R only.

      • Enhanced CD (also known as CD Extra or CD Plus):
        Enhanced CD is a format that included extra contact such as videos, photos, computer applications etc. This format is not supported by Numark CD players.

      • Variable bitrate (VBR) MP3 files:
        Many Numark CD players (including the MIXDECK) support MP3 CD-R disks. For the best playability and fastest read times, we recommend using constant bitrate MP3 files.Variable bitrate files are more difficult to read and are not recommended. Make sure your MP3 encoding software is not set to use Variable bitrate (VBR).

      • CD-R Audio and CDR-Music:
        Disks labeled “CD-R Audio” or “CD-R Music” are different than “CD-R”, and are not recommended.

        “CD-R Audio” or “CD-R Music” disks are required by certain types of stand-alone consumer audio CD-burners which were commonly sold in the consumer channel, usually as part of home theater systems. Products that require these disks are relatively rare in the marketplace today. Computers do not require these types of disks, and using them can lead to read difficulties.

        When burning disks for use in any professional DJ CD player, it is recommended to use disks simply labeled “CD-R” for any computer-based burning, or with any burner that does not specifically require disks labeled “CD-R Audio” or “CD-R Music”. Stand-alone burners which do require “CD-R Audio” or “CD-R Music” disks will create disks which may have difficulty reading in some players.

        In addition to the above, we always recommend using high quality media and slow burning speeds to minimize error rates (which improves readability and longevity).
  • Is there a case available?
  • What playback formats does the Numark Mixdeck Express support?
    • The Numark Mixdeck Express has CD and USB flash drive support.

      For the USB input, the Mixdeck Express supports HFS+, FAT, and NTFS file format systems. It supports the playback of MP3 format audio only, so please make sure that your audio files are encoded as MP3s if you would like to use them.
  • Further Technical Support
    • Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

      Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.