Continually the first to adopt and develop new technologies that advance the mixing experience for DJs at every level, Numark empowers DJs with revolutionary products that seamlessly combine classic feel with cutting-edge performance capability. Entering a work of pro DJ performance has never been this easy!

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Getting started with the Mixtrack Pro 3

Product Featured: Mixtrack Pro 3 (more information)

Beat Matching with the Mixtrack Pro 3

Product Featured: Mixtrack Pro 3 (more information)

EQ's and looping with the Mixtrack Platinum

Product Featured: Mixtrack Platinum (more information)

Filters and FX with the NV II

Product Featured:NV II (more information)

4-deck Mixing with the NS6 II

Product Featured: NS6 II (more information)

DJ2GO2 Touch

Prep, Play and Scratch—Anywhere, anytime!

DJ2GO2 Touch is a portable, pocket-sized DJ controller with the ability to scratch on capacitive touch jog wheels.

With a built-in sound card and Serato DJ Lite software, it fits perfectly in front of your laptop. Professional DJs loved its predecessor - DJ2GO2 - when it debuted in 2017. DJ2GO2 Touch continues that successful path and now you can scratch! DJ2GO2 Touch was made for all DJ styles and is perfect to prep for your gigs, perform at small gigs, and as a space-saving extra setup for big events.


Mixtrack Pro 3

The World's Most Popular DJ Controller Returns!

Introducing the incredible Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. It's the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions.

Mixtrack Pro 3 offers an arsenal of pro features, engineered to keep your mix on point, including essential connectivity options for headphones / mic /PA, 5-inch capacitive jog wheels, 2-channel mixing capabilities, filter and gain controllers for each channel, a multi-function touch strip, and high-resolution audio output. Engineered to set itself way above conventional DJ controllers, Mixtrack Pro 3 combines core DJ fucntionality for immediate creative expression - whether you are seeking to enter the world of DJ performance or seeking the ultimate go-anywhere controller that doesn't sacrifice on features, there's only one solution - discover Mixtrack Pro 3!


Mixtrack Platinum

Elevate Your Mix To Platinum Status!

Setting the pace as the world's leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, Numark presents the Mixtrack Platinum 4-deck DJ controller. This latest addition to the Mixtrack Numark family series guarantees to enhance the performance of any D, from the skilled amateur to the most advaced professional.

Mixtrack Platinum offers an arsenal of pro features, engineered to keep your mix on point including a built-in custom LCD display screen in each 5" capacitive jog wheel, 4-channel mixing capabilities, filter and gain controllers for each channel, a multi-function touch strip, and 24-bit audio output. Yes - we know all these amazing features are incredible: it's like listening to a new song that you know is going to be platinum! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Mixtrack Platinum guarantees to take your set to the next level - what are you waiting for?




The Ultimate 4-Channel Controller For Serato DJ

Introducing the all-new NS6II Successor to the iconic NS6. This reimagined full-featured controller for Serato DJ builds on NS6's amazing legacy of innovation and performance, delivering a truly iconic 4-channel DJ controller - now with two USB outs and built-in hi res screens!

Combining a standalone digital mixer, touch-capacitive knobs, a club-ready arsenal of inputs & outputs, a replaceable crossfader and a sleek, performance-driven design, NS6II provides mobile DJs with the ultimate in modern performance-centric technology - versatile, adaptive and engineered to showcase the uniqueness of every DJ, NS6II is the ultimate tool for the forward thinking performer - this truly is the rightful successor to the original NS6 and an icon in its own right.




ReiNVenting DJ Performance

The NV II with its sleek design, seasoned with red and white colors, really grabs your attention. But it’s so much more—it improves on the superior performance of the original NV! Suited and tailored with an eye-catching symmetrical design, the NV II features an upgraded layout with clear markings for fast, responsive operation. Its striking platter design with hints of red make the NV II one hot controller!

What’s under the hood? Aside from cool look and those great 4.3-inch full-color screens, the NV II adds gridlines on the screens so you can seamlessly beat match your tracks. In addition the NV II adds a 5-column sort to view your music 3 columns at time by song, artist, time, bpm and key. We didn’t just improve an already great DJ controller—we created the NV II to reiNVigorate your DJ skills!




Let's Get This Party Started!

There 'aint no party like a Party Mix Party! Ultra-partable and packed with all critical DJ tools, Party Mix is an amazing DJ controller featuring effortless connection directly to your Mac or PC, letting you browse, play and mix all of your favorite songs with the included Virtual DJ LE software. What really sets Party Mix apart from every run-of-the-mill controller out there is its electrifying light show - yep, you heard us, three room-filling LED light arrays auto-sync to your mix, flashing from the back of the Party Mix, illuminating your performance.

With a built-in sound card plus all the essential controls the modern DJ demands you can take command of your mix with 2 jog wheels, sync / cue / play buttons, a crossfader, four responsive performance pads for total-control of cue-points, auto / manual looping & sample playback and keep your mix on point with on-board headphone cueing. Become the DJ and make your next party utterly unforgettable with Party Mix - trust us, you won't be disappointed!




Unleash Your Inner DJ Anywhere, Anytime!

Ultra-portable and packed with all critical DJ Tools - DJ2GO2 is a made-to-move, pocket-sized DJ controller that's ready for anything your set demands! With a built-in sound card, plug-and-play connectivity and Serato DJ intro included (Serato DJ upgrade ready), this pint-sized DJ controller guarantees immediate creative potential right-out-the-box.

Don't be fooled by its compact demeanor, DJ2GO2 is packed with all the essential controls the modern DJ demands: take command of your mix with 2 jog wheels, sync / cue / play buttons, and a crossfader; add some flair to your mix with four responsive performance pads for total-control of cue-points, auto / manual looping and sample playback; keep your mix on point with on-board headphone cueing; experience tactile control of your song navigation with dedicated browsing controls; it even fits perfectly on top of your laptop so you're ready for action in no time! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a novice looking to get into the world of DJ'ing, DJ2GO2 is perfect for honing your skills, crafting the perfect set and prepping your gigs - as well as the perfect backup for those "just in case" moments. Take your DJ'ing seriously and arm yourself with DJ2GO2 - this is the one essential you can't do without.


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With most headphones you purchase, you will receive a ¼-inch Headphone adapter. This a gold adapter that screws onto your 1/8th inch headphone jack to allow the headphones to fit into a ¼-inch jack, which you’ll find on most DJ equipment.

Looping is where you select a section of your track and tell the software to play it over and over again. To trigger a Manual loop press the Loop In to begin the Loop, and Loop Out to finish the Loop. Press Loop Out again to resume the rest of the track.

Clicking one of the Auto Loop Defined Lengths, a loop start point will be created from the nearest beat to the playhead and set a loop end point in based on the defined length selected. The loop is snapped to the beats in the song detected by Serato DJ so even if you press the button slightly out of time, Serato DJ will still create a perfect size loop.

If you’re playing in a nightclub or bar, it’s likely you’ll have a monitor in your DJ Booth for yourself, and a sound system for the dancefloor. The Booth output is for the monitor within your DJ booth and the Master output is for the club.

Beats Per Minute dictates the tempo of the song.

A magnetic device which can be found at the end of the tonearm on a turntable. Together with the needle, this picks up the sound from the grooves of a vinyl record.

On your controller you will find 2 or 4 channels. Each channel allows for a different song to be played or cued up.

Channel layering is when you have your faders up full on more than 1 channel, therefore playing multiple tracks at the same time.

Crossfader will be in the center at the bottom of your controller, under the mixer section. This fader is predominately used for Scratch & Hip-Hop DJ’s to cut in and out.

Press this button to send this channel's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit. By pressing one PFL button at a time, you will cue that channel alone (and deactivate PFL monitoring for the other channels). To cue to multiple channels simultaneously, press the PFL buttons for those channels at the same time. 

Headphone connectors have two different sizes. 1/8" is typically found on smart phones, tablets and laptops. While ¼” is usually found on professional audio equipment, DJ controllers and mixers. Nowadays, controllers and mixers will feature both connections.

Usually comprised of high, mid, and low frequency on a mixer to fine tune the output sound. Many DJs will cut the low frequency on one track to mix over the incoming beat from another track and use the "EQ" kills to perform this.

Short for 'effects'. You apply FX to your mix to add a unique twist or to transition between tracks. Serato FX can be triggered from your Numark controller. These include Echo, Phaser, Flanger, Hi-Low Pass Filter.

Press the Headphone cue button to hear the channel in your headphones. This can be activated when your faders are up or down.

The Cue Mix knob adjusts the software’s audio output to the headphones, mixing between the cue output and the master mix output. This is a very useful feature that will allow you to preview your next song while allowing discreet beat, tempo and pitch matching to enable a smooth transition to the next song in your set, while still allowing you to monitor your Master Output. 

Turn this knob to adjust the filter on the corresponding channel. The type of filter it adjusts will depend on the Filter Mode button. High Pass allows the highs to pass through, while filtering out the lows; the Low Pass does the opposite.

Also known as a Platter, are the two turntable-style discs on your controller. You can use these to scratch, search or beat-match.

Keylock allows you change the pitch of the song playing, allowing you to match the BPM of the opposing track, without warping the sound of the track playing.

Digital input from media devices such as CD decks will use line input. Phono input is strictly for turntables, since a phono input has special equalization specifically tailored for turntables. A CD connected to a Phono input will sound all wrong.

Master Gain is the Master volume level.

Monitors are also known as speakers.

You’ll find motorized platters on traditional turntables such as the NTX1000. The motor spins the platter on which the record sits. The term "Motorized platter" can also refer to a motor-driven platter on a media player.

Almost every DJ turntable, DJ controller, and media player has a pitch slider. This where the DJ adjusts the tempo to blend/mix into another Current song playing on channel 1 song is at 100 bpm, and the next song's bpm is 96. The DJ will adjust their pitch slider up from 96 bpm to 100 for a perfect blend.

Also known as Jog Wheel, are the two turntable-style discs on your controller. You can use these to scratch, search or beat-match.

Portable Turntables, such as the PT01 Scratch, allow you to scratch on the go, even if you’re not plugged into wall power. This means you can take your unit to the park or to parties and not have to worry about the availability of AC wall power. You can connect your mobile device for a backing track or use a scratch sample record to scratch with.

Quantise will allow the DJ to have their cue points and loops snap to the grid when triggered, even if they trigger these a fraction of a second before the downbeat. This feature provides greater accuracy when jumping around cue points on the fly. With this feature enabled, you can be certain all your pad triggering will stay in time. 

Use standard RCA cables to connect this output to a powered speaker or amplifier system. The level of this output is controlled by the Master knob on the top panel. 

This is typically found in the performance pad section of a DJ controller. A roll (sometimes referred to a "loop roll") will send the track into a loop when a pad is pressed. The length of this loop will be determined by which pad was activated and what length value the pad represents. This can add “stutter” effects or cool rhythmic variations to a track.

The Sampler allows you to play up to four sources of audio, in addition to the tracks playing on the Virtual Decks. Any audio file in your Serato DJ Lite library can be loaded to any one of the four slots, allowing playback of short samples, audio loops, sound effects, or full length tracks.

A slipmat is a circular piece of slippery cloth placed on the turntable platter instead of the traditional rubber mat.

Unlike the rubber mat which is made to keep hold the record firmly in sync with the rotating platter, slipmats are designed to slip on the platter, allowing you to manipulate the record while the platter continues to rotate underneath. This is useful for holding a record still for slip-cueing, making minute adjustments during beatmatching and scratching.

The stylus is the diamond-tipped end of a small arm (the "cantilever") that protrudes from the cartridge. This is the part that actually contacts the record. When the stylus touches the record, the sound that is embedded in the grooves of the record will vibrate up through the stylus/cantilever, which will convert those vibrations into an electrical signal that travels out through the tonearm and into your main sound system.

You can press the Sync button on Deck 2 to sync the track's BPM with the track on Deck 1. This way the tracks will play in time with each other and make it easier to transition from one to another. This invaluable tool will ensure you never skip a beat or moment when DJ'ing using your controller.

On a turntable, the tonearm holds the cartridge (the "needle") and has a counterweight on the other end to set the stylus tracking force on the record.

Touch Capacitive technology allows the DJ to not only turn a dial up or down, or move the platter back and forth, it also takes into consideration the pressure applied to the equipment. The more pressure you apply, the deeper the FX.

These are the two (or four) faders you’ll find above the crossfader. These control the music level coming in or out of your mix.

Universal Serial Bus, also known as Flash Drive.

Vinyl mode is a jog mode within your controller. This works similar to real vinyl. Therefore if you touch the top of the platter it will stop the track and it also allows for scratching.

Colored indicators which show the volume level at which a track is playing. When the meters show red lines, this means the track is very loud and could be distorting.

The Wet/Dry FX knobs controls how much or how little FX you can to apply to your mix. Turn the dial to the left for a subtle application of the FX or crank it to the right for a more aggressive sound.

Connect this low-impedance XLR output to a PA system or powered monitors. The level of this output is controlled with the Master knob.