DJ Perly

The first lady DJ to place as high as she did in a DMC USA National DJ final, taking second.

DJ Flipside

Flipside is heard weekdays on the highly rated “Flipside at Five” mixshow on CBS Radio’s B96 Chicago. He has now expanded his reach to Amp 103.7 Dallas and 98.7 Amp Detroit, along with guest spots on Power 106 LA and 92.3 Amp NYC.

DJ Samy

DJ Samy’s ambition is to inspire and unite more DJs globally to share the portablism culture and bring more ideas about the future of making music on the go!

DJ Yella

In 2015, DJ Yella was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of N.W.A. That same year, Yella collaborated with N.W.A group members Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and MC Ren to serve as a creative consultant on the critically acclaimed and award-winning biographical film Straight Outta Compton.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Grammy award-winning artist T-Pain is known for many things. He’s been an actor, a musician, a DJ and all-around star performer who happens to love his NS7 and V7.


Urban Assault (aka Shortee & Faust) are a powerhouse in DJ/Production world for the last 16+ years electrifying audiences on a global scale.

Lady Starlight

Lady Gaga’s long time friend and DJ, Lady Starlight rocks arenas and after parties with the Numark NS6.

DJ Premier

No less than three big-time producers (Dr. Dre, RZA, and Prince Paul) can vouch for DJ Premier’s status as the most important trackmaster of the ‘90s, and no style is more distinctive.

DJ Jam Master J’son

The eldest son of legendary rap DJ, Jam Master Jay of Run DMC-fame, J’son is a naturally talented DJ and producer with a Numark V7, who is heavily influenced by his father.


To Australian hip-hop and dubstep heads, DJ Wasabi needs no introduction. An avid user of the V7, DJ Wasabi has gone beyond mere DJ.

Andy Vargas

Andy Vargas by day is a lead singer for Carlos Santana, by night he is DJ AV.  Currently spending his time in Las Vegas he has residencies at the Hard Rock Hotel, Mandalay Bay, and he keeps the crowd moving with the NS6!

DJ Sophia Lin

America’s Hottest DJ!  Meet Sophia, actress, model, recording artist, spokesperson, and DJ. Her clients include Playboy, Ed Hardy, RedBull, Hustler, and Christian Audigier: she does it all!

DJ Rasp

DJ Rasp is well known for his residences, battle skills and b-boy parties within the UK. Videos have lit up the web showing Rasp’s sharp skills on a pair of V7s and an X5 mixer.

DJ Fly

When it comes to DJ competition, DMC World Champion DJ Fly knows what it takes with his TTX USB turntables.

Avila Brothers

IZ and Bobby Avila have become two of the most sought after producers in the music industry. They’ve won Grammy Awards, founded ABX Records, and produced for the best in the business.

Barry Carew

Platinum selling artist DJ, business man, commanding emcee, seasoned producer, celebrity personality.

Birdy Nam Nam

Birdy Nam Nam are a DJ crew from France whose members are Crazy-B, DJ Pone, DJ Need and Lil’ Mike. Birdy Nam Nam have won several DMC team championships throughout their career.

DJ Allen Joseph

From a humble start in roller rinks to becoming an internet sensation, DJ Allen Joseph is using his NS7FX controller and people are taking notice.

DJ Katarina

DJ KATarina is not only a V7 and NS7 DJ, she is one of the hottest upcoming female DJ’s in Los Angeles.

Christian Slick

Christian Slick’s unforgettable show has been seen by many around the globe.  In addition to touring he can be seen rocking the crowd with his NS7FX and Electrowaves as resident DJ for Senor Frogs, Carlos and Charlies and The House of Blues.

Cory Almeida

Cory Almeida has climbed the ranks of the DJ and Entertainment industries to become a part of the most successful shows on TV today. He is the audience setup act for American Idol and other top TV shows.

The Ringleader DJ Ace

DJ Ace has a resume that very few can dream of and years of working with heavy hitters in hip-hop and rap—representing Numark along the way.


Growing up as an electronic music lover, he brings an aggressive sound to his productions while still understanding the importance of hooks in the commercial music arena.

DJ Solo

Half electronic bass-head, half punk-rocker-anarchist, and all around mad scientist, Chicago’s DJ SOLO is more than just a DJ. We interview SOLO about his love for the NS6.


New England’s own veteran DJ and producer is no stranger to the pop culture and electronica house music scene.