Serato Controllers

Numark Gear Update

Numark makes the hottest DJ gear in the world, and the name Serato has become synonymous with world-class DJ software. Having worked together on numerous innovations, Numark and Serato are continuing to revolutionizing the art of DJing. Our innovative and groundbreaking DJ tools include the NS7, NSFX, NS7FX, V7 and NS6 professional DJ controllers, all of which were designed to work seamlessly with Serato software.

Numark and Serato continue to bring state of the art DJ gear to DJs of all levels, from newcomers to the seasoned pro’s. Serato DJ Intro software provides you with a platform that is solid, intuitive and innovative. As with previous Numark/Serato offerings, Serato DJ Intro interfaces with Numark DJ controllers seamlessly, allowing you to mix and perform effortlessly, with little or no need to touch their computer’s keyboard or mouse.

Moving forward, if you purchase MIXDECK, MIXDECK EXPRESS, MIXDECK QUAD, MIXTRACK PRO or N4 you will receive Serato DJ Intro software in the box. If you previously purchased MIXDECK or MIXTRACK PRO you will be able to download Serato DJ Intro software for free from If your Numark gear came with other software, it will continue to support that software. Learn more about Serato DJ Intro here