Your mix, on the move.

The Numark Controller Backpack offers sleek, padded protection for your most prized piece of gear. With multiple carrying options, comfortable handles and straps, and thick protective foam, the Numark Controller Backpack is everything you need to and nothing you don't — it's made to move.

The Numark Controller Backpack is made of heavy-duty canvas that will hold up to the elements and protect your controller between gigs. Soft internal fabric and thick, resilient cushioning cradle your controller, providing a shield of protection when you're on the move. The lid is reinforced with hard plastic and has an extra layer of egg crate-style foam that gently presses on your controller when the lid is closed. Two strong velcro straps provide an extra measure of security, holding your controller firmly in place.

The Numark Controller Backpack offers a variety of carrying options: Use the adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable carrying handles when your not in a hurry, or deploy the hidden backpack straps for maximum mobility.

The Numark Controller Backpack has an external pocket to store all of your small accessories, and it's also a perfect fit for the Numark LAPTOP STAND PRO. Plus, there's even a special protective sleeve included for the 4TRAK FX Kommand Console.

The Numark Controller Backpack is deluxe protection that won't weigh you down.


  • Made of heavy-duty canvas, soft fabric & thick protective foam
  • Transforms into a backpack in seconds via tuck-away cushioned straps
  • Ruggedized lid with dual zippers & internal reinforcing hard plastic
  • Internal egg-crate foam padding presses and holds your controller in place
  • Thick, movable internal block padding for maximum, customized protection
  • Adjustable & removable padded shoulder strap
  • Comfortable synthetic leather carrying handles
  • Perfect for NS6, 4TRAK, N4, iDJ Pro and other Numark controllers


  • Numark Controller Backpack
  • Removable Shoulder Strap
  • (2) Pieces of Adjustable Block Foam
  • FX Console Protective Sleeve