Four channels to mix, match and effect all your music.



Regardless of your source material, the M8 mixer should be at the heart of your rig. Mix vinyl, CDs, a microphone or any other line-level audio source with the M8 four-channel DJ mixer. There's even an RCA input right on top so you can easily connect the portable music player of your choice, or even your smartphone as a playback source.


The M8 mixer doesn't stop with simple mixing, it has built-in dedicated three-band EQ controls for custom shaping the music anytime on any mix. Create on-the-fly remixes and stunning song transitions by engaging M8's high-quality, beat synced effects. Incorporate a vocalist or pump-up the audience yourself with the dedicated microphone channel with XLR input, independent gain control and EQ. BeatKeeper™ technology automatically detects a song's BPM for seamless crossfades from track to track.


Housed in tough sheet-metal and built like a tank, M8 is designed to withstand the most raucous performances and still make the next night's gig. If you're looking to add dimension to your DJing, the M8 is just the right move. 


  • Top Panel RCA input for portable MP3 Players
  • Beatkeeper™ BPM detection to create precise mixes between songs
  • Beat-synced effects including: Delay, Filter, Flanger, Pan & more
  • Crossfader with channel assign switches
  • Dedicated XLR microphone input with Gain & EQ
  • Two phono line inputs for connecting turntables
  • Five RCA line inputs
  • Balanced XLR outputs
  • Master, Booth, and Record RCA line outputs


  • M8 Mixer
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Unbalanced Output: +16dBV
  • Balanced output: +22dBV
    • SNR: >92DB (A-weighted) for all paths from line inputs to output.
    • >80DB (A-weighted) for all paths from phono inputs to output.
    • >80DB (A-weighted) for all paths from MIC inputs to output.
  • THD+N: <0.01% for all line inputs
  • Frequency Response:

    • Line: Flat +/- 1 dB 20Hz-20kHz
    • Phono: RIAA curve +/- 2 dB plus anti-rumble
  • Effects

    • Echo – Standard echo effect. The echo fades out after 12x the current BPM sync setting
    • Delay – Standard delay effect. Repeat the audio at the selected BPM sync rate
    • Reverse Delay – This plays the delayed audio in reverse at the current BPM Sync settings
    • Roll – Samples audio and replaces it over the current audio, similar to repeat on a standard sampler. This is a time effect synced to the BPM display
    • Reverse Roll – Similar to Roll, but plays the audio in reverse
    • Filter – Filter that sweeps the entire frequency range at the current BPM setting.
    • Transform – Toggles the audio on/off at the selected BPM Sync rate.
    • Auto Pan - Toggles the audio from Left to Right at the selected BPM Sync rate.
    • Flanger – Sweeping Flanger effect that syncs to the current BPM rate
    • Phaser - Sweeping phase shifter effect that syncs to the current BPM rate