This product has been discontinued.


Options are a good thing to have when you’re a DJ, and the DXM06 has options to spare. Make a filtered sound pulse to the groove.

Hit the beat perfectly as you fade in some tape echo and. Give a shout–out through the vocoder. Work the Beat Sync tap button, wet/dry fader, parameter knob, or illuminated FX selector. The DXM06 features 12 DSP effects at your command for total DJ vibe enhancement.

With its modern blue–and–silver design and illuminated FX selector panel, it looks as good as it performs. For top–notch DJ effects that will wow any dancefloor, fix your mix with the DXM06.


  • 24-–bit digital mixing
  • 12 beat–-synchronized effects
  • FX interface includes beat sync tap and wet/dry controls
  • Noise–free digital mixing controls
  • 3–band EQ with frequency kill on each channel
  • Inputs for 2 lines, 2 switchable phono/line, 1 mic
  • Microphone input with 2–band EQ
  • Smooth crossfader with reverse switch and rotary slope control
  • Slider style cueing
  • Look–ahead peak limiting on headphone and master outputs
  • Master and record outputs
  • What are the benefits to having Kill Switches and knob EQ’s?
    • Having both these options are very important to a DJ who wants instant control. With kill switches you have the ability to instantly cut bass, mid, and treble with the touch of a button instead of turning the rotary knob every time.
  • This is a 24 bit digital mixer; can I record in 24 bit?
    • Yes, you can record in 24 bit, however your sample rate will be standard 44.1kHz.
  • What is a "D-Type" crossfader?
    • A "D-Type" crossfader is a high quality cross fader designed for heavy use and longevity.
  • What is a crossfader reverse?
    • A cross fader reverse (otherwise known as hamster style) is an important feature to the scratch DJ. This option lets you reverse the cross fader assignments without swapping RCA cords around.
  • What is look ahead peak limiting?
    • Look ahead peak limiting is very important and will help you keep that steady vibe all night. What look ahead peak limiting does is it allows you to look ahead at the levels of your next track and adjust the level to the track that is currently playing so you can make the perfect mix at the same volume level.