Two CD decks and a mixer, all in one.

CDMIX 1 is a dual CD player and mixer, all together in one easy-to-carry unit. You can grab it and go to the gig. Setup and teardown are fast and easy with CDMIX 1 because you don't need to waste time running cables and testing levels. It's perfect for mobile DJs working events, clubs that need to be able to pack away their system quickly, and any other DJ on the move.

CDMIX 1’s CD player is based closely on Numark’s CDN22 CD player, which has a worldwide reputation for superior performance with tough-to-read CD and CD-R discs that may be dirty or even scratched. For this reason, CDMIX 1 also makes a perfect backup or second system for those times when you just need it to play!


This CDMIX 1 is an update to the classic version by the same name. Since 1997, DJs all over the world have experienced the ease of use and superior portability of the Numark's CDMIX series. The series also includes HDMIX, KMX02, and the CDMIX line.

Because CDMIX 1 is designed for professional use, it is housed in a metal chassis for years of rugged, reliable performance. For even more ruggedization, check out our CDMIX CASE 3 for secure transport.


CDMIX 1 contains a dual-deck CD player with all of the functionality and capabilities you’d expect in a standalone unit. You can quickly access the point in the track you want on its easy-to-use multifunction jog/shuttle wheels. The wheels are also helpful for controlling pitch bend. You can pitch tracks up and down by 12% for easy beat matching. And for assisting with beat matching, CDMIX 1 has a built-in BPM counter with tap tempo. Just tap to the beat.

In addition to standard single-track and continuous playback, CDMIX 1's programmable playback mode enables you to set up a sequence of tracks for convenient playback. You can set cue points on the fly for creative performance.

CDMIX 1 also has Fader Start, which can automatically start cued-up playback when you move the crossfader. The CD drives work on a tray-loading system that plays full-sized and mini discs. This type of drive is more reliable and professional than slot-loading units because dirt and grime on the drive slots can degrade your CDs' performance as they are dragged across.


CDMIX 1’s mixer section is also a complete component that is on par with standalone mixers. It’s based on a two-channel design with a mic channel, replaceable crossfader, and pre-fader cueing controls.

For the two main channels, you can switch between the onboard CD players or rear-panel RCA inputs for additional CD players, iPods, or turntable with preamps such as our TTXUSB or TTi. Above the Master fader, you can switch the output between stereo and mono to accommodate different kinds of PA setups. The cueing section gives you both 1/4” and 1/8” stereo headphone outputs with level control.

For optimizing system response, CDMIX 1 has a three-band EQ, and you can watch your levels on its stereo, tri-color LED meter. CDMIX 1 has professional outputs on both XLRs and RCAs for compatibility with most systems. There’s also a Record output so you can capture your set or send your mix to an auxiliary PA system. If you find yourself working outside, remotely, or on a cruise ship CDMIX1 even has a 12VDC power input so you can run it with a power supply or car battery. Of course, CDMIX 1 also runs on a standard wall-power connection for those more-traditional gigs indoors.

Whether you want an all-in-one system for getting into and out of the gig in the minimum amount of time or you’re looking for a rock-solid backup system that even plays even difficult discs, CDMIX 1 is the way to go.


  • Single, compact unit with dual-CD player and mixer
  • Fast setup and teardown
  • Perfect backup or second system
  • Housed in a metal chassis for rugged, reliable performance
  • Multifunction jog/shuttle wheels for search and pitch bend
  • Beat match with ±12% pitch control and BPM counter with tap tempo
  • Single, continuous, and programmable playback with cue points for CD and CD-R
  • Fader Start automatically starts playback when you move the crossfader
  • Two-channel mixer with mic channel, replaceable crossfader, and PFL cueing
  • RCA inputs for connecting additional CD players, iPods, or turntables with preamps
  • Stereo and mono output for different kinds of PA setups
  • 1/4” and 1/8” stereo headphone outputs with level control
  • Three-band EQ and stereo, tri-color LED metering
  • Professional master outputs on both XLRs and RCAs; Record output
  • Works with wall power, 12VDC power supply or car battery
  • CD Section
  • 2 independent CD units
  • Ability to play 3" and 5" CDs
  • Plays CD and CDR (recordable CDs)
  • Pitch/Jog Wheel for both setting cue points and adjusting tempo
  • 3 search speeds
  • Large backlit LCD Display
  • Track sequence programming
  • Time button with elapse and remain time bar
  • Single/Continuous modes
  • Pitch percentage display
  • ±12% pitch adjustment
  • Auto dead space elimination
  • Ability to autostart player with use of the crossfader
  • BPM CounterMixer Section
  • External inputs for 2 Line inputs
  • Master balanced/unbalanced and record output
  • Direct input for onboard CD units
  • Input for External Microphone with independent gain control
  • Crossfader to blend between 2 Channels and control Auto start of the CD units
  • Three band Equalizer for master output
  • Dual Band, 12-segment LED output display
  • Fader CD Start button
  • Headphone output for 1/4" and 1/8" style plugs with the ability to cue any channel
  • 12VDC power input to allow car battery usage