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April 01, 2009


Best-Selling All-in-One System is Easy to Use

Cumberland, R.I. (April 1, 2009) – Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announces that it has updated its CDMIX 1 CD mixing system for 2009. The updated CDMIX 1 will make its debut in Numark's stand, B 21 in Hall 5.0 at Musikmesse, April 1 - 4, 2009. Held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Musikmesse is the world's largest fair for musical instruments, live music and the music business.

Considered an industry standard for more than 10 years, CDMIX 1 is a dual CD player and mixer in one easy-to-carry unit for mobile DJs working events, clubs that need to be able to pack away their system quickly and any other DJ on the move. DJs find setup and teardown to be fast and easy with CDMIX 1, because they don't spend as much time running cables and testing levels as with traditional component setups.

Since Numark introduced CDMIX 1 in 1997, DJs all over the world have experienced the ease of use and superior portability of the Numark's MOBILE MIX series, which also includes HDMIX, KMX and CDMIX devices. The new version of CDMIX 1 matches the modern, clean, gray-and-black looks of Numark’s latest equipment.

Because CDMIX 1 is designed for professional use, it is housed in a metal chassis for years of rugged, reliable performance. For even more ruggedness, DJs can opt to add the CDMIX CASE, sold separately, for secure transport.

CDMIX 1 contains a dual-deck CD player with all of the functionality and capabilities professional DJs expect in standalone units. CDMIX 1 enables DJs to rapidly access points within a track using the unit’s multifunction jog/shuttle wheels. The wheels are also helpful for controlling pitch bend. DJs can pitch tracks up and down by 12-percent for easy beat matching. CDMIX 1 also has a BPM counter with tap tempo to further assist DJs with beat matching.

In addition to standard single-track and continuous playback, CDMIX 1's programmable playback mode enables DJs to set up a sequence of tracks for convenient playback. They can also set cue points in real time for creative performance, and the Fader Start automatically starts cued-up playback when the DJ moves the crossfader.

CDMIX 1’s mixer section is complete and on par with standalone mixers. It is a two-channel design with a mic channel, replaceable crossfader and pre-fader cueing controls. For the two main channels, DJs can switch between the onboard CD players or rear-panel RCA inputs for additional CD players, iPods or turntables with preamps such as Numark’s TTXUSB or TTi. DJs can cue with headphones using CDMIX 1’s 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch stereo headphone outputs with level control. CDMIX 1 has professional outputs on both XLRs and RCAs for compatibility with virtually any system.

“CDMIX 1 is one of the most popular mobile-DJ systems in the world,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “With the positive feedback we have received on our new C, M and X-series mixers, we felt that CDMIX 1 would benefit from the same artistic treatment.”

The new-look CDMIX 1 will be available from DJ and professional audio retailers Q3, 2009.

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