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November 16, 2006

Numark Releases KMX02 All-In-One Karaoke DJ Mix Station, With Innovative New ‘Key Change’ Feature

Numark Innovation and User-Friendly Features Lets Any Karaoke Singer Shoot For

Cumberland, RI – November 17, 2006.  Numark, the world’s leading brand of professional DJ equipment and the driving force behind the high-tech musical revolution, is proud to announce the release of its new all-in-one Karaoke Mixer, the KMX02 DJ STATION.

Designed with Numark’s “users first” philosophy in mind, the KMX02 gives karaoke hosts an innovative new feature at their disposal: Key Change. This important new tool allows even the most “harmonically-challenged” singers the chance to belt out their favorite tunes played back in a key that is matched to their own vocal range.

The KMX02 is a compact, highly-portable mixer, and is the only all-inclusive karaoke system on the market today, featuring dual CD+G drives and three microphone inputs, each with their own tone control and echo effects. Additionally, two crossfader-controlled video outputs allow users to professionally enhance any gathering, whether at a club or bar, a teamwork-building sales conference or even their own home. With highly-intuitive, easy-to-use controls developed through years of testing by Numark engineers and field DJs, the KMX02 is the ideal tool to integrate music and visuals in any karaoke environment.

“Mobile DJs, Karaoke DJs and bars and clubs looking for a reliable, no-hassle karaoke solution will love the KMX02,” states Numark Product Development Manager Christopher Roman. “The Key Change is a very important new feature to the karaoke world, since it allows DJs to change the key of the source CD, in ½ step increments. You can match the music output with the realistic vocal range of your karaoke users without modifying the original music’s pitch or tempo.”

As industry leaders in the development of DJ mixers, Numark also knows that pitch and tempo are important to DJs. To this end, “pitch blend” control wheels with a plus/minus range of 12% both input channels give additional mixing and beat-matching options. And the KMX02’s fader start buttons facilitate precise song cueing every time.

KMX02 DJ Station: the next step in Numark’s multimedia DJ revolution.