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July 17, 2009


Custom-Colored Vinyl Records Launched For Customizing Look of Numark NS7

Cumberland, R.I. (Jul. 17, 2009) – Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announces two different colors of 7-INCH COLOR VINYL control records for customizing the look of the company’s NS7 performance DJ controller. 7-INCH COLOR VINYL makes its debut in ICE BLUE and FIRE RED colors at Numark's booth, number 400, at the Summer NAMM Show held at the Nashville Convention Center, July 17 – 19.

NS7 DJs can personalize their look with 7-INCH COLOR VINYL. Each pack includes two real vinyl records with the unique Numark record label. These seven-inch records are extra heavy for the natural feel turntablists are used to. They are also translucent, inviting DJs to further personalize their system with custom slipmats that can be viewed through the vinyl. 7-INCH COLOR VINYLs are available in two translucent colors: ICE BLUE and FIRE RED.

“Style-conscious DJs love to express themselves through both their music and their look,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “With these 7-INCH COLOR VINYLs, DJs’ appearances can be as colorful as their performance.”

7-INCH COLOR VINYLs will be available in FIRE RED and ICE BLUE from DJ and professional audio retailers and in Q3 2009.