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December 13, 2006

Numark Announces Shipping of ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ iCDX CD/HD Media Player & Controller

Scratch, Loop & Play Songs from Any USB Mass Storage Device, CD or MP3 DVD

“Numark has once again taken the initiative to push the envelope, introducing the revolutionary
multimedia player  iCDX…” — Luis Velasco, (November 2006)

Cumberland, RI – December 14, 2006. Numark, the world’s leading brand of professional DJ equipment and the driving force behind the High-Tech Revolution, is proud to announce the long-awaited shipping of its iCDX Tabletop CD/HD Media Player & Controller.

Designed with Numark’s “users first” philosophy in mind, the iCDX’s built-in CD/DVD drive and USB ports can connect with any USB mass storage device—hard drive, memory stick, laptop, or make use of its adaptable iPod docking station—for expansive song selection and DJ control.

The iCDX can be used to manipulate and store any CD or MP3 audio file, facilitating rapid access to a DJ’s entire music library. When interfacing with personal computers, the iCDX is fully compatible as a controller for DJ-based applications including Numark’s CUE software, Serato, and other HID-compatible applications. With the iCDX, playback is always worry-free.

Numark CEO Jack O’Donnell says of the new iCDX, “The iCDX is at the forefront of Numark’s emerging High-Tech musical revolution. We have created a masterful controller with which the DJ can easily select and manipulate MP3 files from any storage device, all in one compact package. We’re genuinely excited about this cutting-edge technology.”

With an illuminated, slot-loading CD/DVD drive (supporting CD/CD-RW/DATA DVD disc formats) for playing multiple formats, DJs can effortlessly control their music, with features like hot starts, seamless looping and sampling with adjustable wet/dry effects levels. This performance-oriented media player features a touch-sensitive scratch wheel, automatic BPM counter, digital outputs, and a large LCD screen for clear viewing.

Another important feature of the iCDX’s multi-faceted pitch function is Key Lock, with an impressive range of ± 100%. The feature-packed iCDX also boasts a generous assortment of integrated DSP sound effects, including Phaser, Filter, Flanger, Echo, Chop, and Pan.

For sound reinforcement and additional DJ equipment, the iCDX provides analog line-level RCA output connectors as well as an SPDIF digital output, enabling it to seamlessly integrate into any setup. For even greater control, the iCDX also provides a fader start jack that can be connected to fader start-equipped audio mixers.

iCDX: The innovative next step in Numark’s High-Tech Revolution. Shipping now!