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December 31, 2006

Numark and Arkaos Announce NuVJ Video Controller

Innovative hardware/software video mixer for DJs opens world of new possibilites

Cumberland, RI – January 1, 2007. Numark, the world’s leading brand of professional DJ equipment and the driving force behind the High-Tech musical revolution, in partnership with ArKaos, a leading provider of technology for live visual performance, proudly announces their innovative NuVJ Video Controller.

The NuVJ is the perfect tool for DJs to synchronize video with their musical performance. The NuVJ is the result of the combined expertise of Numark and ArKaos to create a hardware / software product that is a natural extension of the DJ set up.
 The NuVJ allows DJs to incorporate images and video clips in much the same way as mixing music. With the NuVJ, the DJ/VJ can trigger images and video clips, add effects to them, mix them through an onboard DJ style crossfader and tweak them in order to create unique, spectacular performances.
 The NuVJ’s intuitive controller interface makes it easy to use and fun to play live.  Control it any way you like, or switch to automatic mode, and let it run by itself, to the beat of the music. The hardware controller works seamlessly with existing DJ gear and the software is compatible with most computers and laptops. The NuVJ is simply easier to use, better and more affordable than any other VJ product on the market.  Numark CEO John E. 'Jack' O’Donnell comments on the NuVJ Video Controller, “The NuVJ is a terrific, easy-to-operate video controller that makes it fun to incorporate a variety of visual content into a DJ’s performance, enabling DJs to take their craft to an entirely new level.”  

The NuVJ Video Controller delivers a wealth of stunning visual capability combined with intuitive operation and makes a perfect video counterpart to any audio setup. With video sample playback and effects from a wide range of sources, internal generation of patterns and backgrounds, real-time effects, crossover patterns, and numerous additional features, the NuVJ Video Controller is the ideal tool for DJs in search of their first video setup.
 While other products on the market rely on hardware to mix video, ArKaos uses the power of graphical cards that exist in every computer. This allows higher resolutions and more complex effects, at a very affordable price. The NuVJ runs on PC and Mac, and can be used on both laptops and rack-mounted servers.
 Marco Hinic, founder and CEO for ArKaos, was equally enthusiastic about the new product offering, “With a very cool appearance, the NuVJ is both easy to operate and fun to use. I believe it represents a significant step forward in terms of both intuitive design and its feature set for today’s demanding DJ.”