The Mixstream Pro allows DJs and music lovers to connect with their music like never before! With its built-in WiFi, onboard high-quality speakers, and direct access to millions of streaming music tracks, the Mixstream Pro is ready for mixing, right out of the box. No laptop required! Playing songs from your existing library is also a breeze, thanks to the USB and SD Card inputs. When you’re ready to take your party, live stream, or mix session to the next level, the onboard Engine Lighting control wirelessly connects to your smart home lighting for an automatic, high-energy lightshow. Plus, since the Mixstream Pro is powered by Engine DJ, its ever-expanding set of pro DJ features grows with your DJ career, giving you all of the performance essentials you need to rock any party or gig! It’s never been easier and more fun to connect, stream, and play!


woman DJing for friends at house party

Built-In WiFi for Streaming Music

No laptop required to access millions of songs from top streaming services.

DJ controller built-in speakers

Built-In Speaker Monitors

Instant audio gratification! Start the party with the high-quality, custom-tuned built-in speakers.

Mixstream Pro DJ controller touchscreen

Play With Your Music Like Never Before

The large, 7” high-definition touchscreen is your gateway to Engine DJ and hands-on control of your music.

Philips Hue control on Mixstream Pro DJ controller touchscreen

Wireless Smart Lighting Control

Make your Philips Hue smart home lighting dance to the music for the ultimate party atmosphere.

Mixstream Pro connect icon
WiFi | Philips Hue | DMX

Plug into an entire universe of music with the onboard WiFi. Wirelessly sync to Philips Hue smart home lighting for on-screen control of beat-synchronized light shows and custom color selections. DJs can take things even further with never-before-seen onboard control over DMX lighting.

Mixstream Pro stream icon
Streaming Apps | Personal Cloud | No Computer Required

Experience the freedom of standalone streaming without the need for a laptop. Access millions of tracks from TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, Soundcloud GO+, and your personal Dropbox cloud. Tracks are buffered into internal memory for uninterrupted fun during your next party or gig.

Mixstream Pro play icon
Engine DJ | Built-In Speakers | Pro DJ Features | USB/SD Card Slots

With the Engine DJ embedded operating system, an ever-evolving set of pro-level DJ features are literally at your fingertips via the 7" HD touchscreen. The USB and SD Card slots make it easy to access your current music library, and the high-quality, built-in speaker monitors let you practice and play whenever and wherever you like.



Soundcloud Go+ DJ music streaming service
TIDAL music streaming
Beatport LINK music streaming for DJs
Beatsouce LINK DJ music streaming


Dropbox logo for DJing from personal cloud


Engine DJ embedding DJ operating system logo
Engine DJ Desktop
Powered by Engine DJ

The Mixstream Pro operates on Engine DJ OS, the ever-evolving embedded software platform that powers forward-thinking DJ hardware in DJ booths and on stages worldwide. Equipped with intuitive and familiar touchscreen workflows, lighting fast library navigation and song loading, expanded connectivity, plus a multitude of performance features, Engine DJ provides DJs with the tools they need to always be at their creative best.

  • Built-In WiFi for connecting to your favorite music streaming services: TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud Go +, Dropbox and more to come!
  • High-quality, custom tuned on board speaker monitors with volume control
  • Connect to Philips Hue smart home and DMX lighting for on-beat, automated light shows
  • Engine DJ embedded operating system for laptop-free DJing and ever-evolving suite of professional DJ features
  • USB and SD Card inputs for DJing with existing music libraries
  • 7” multi-gesture high-definition touchscreen
  • Familiar DJ layout featuring 2 decks and full-featured mixer section with 3-band EQ, crossfader, Filter knobs, and dedicated volume controls
  • 6” scratch wheels with Smart Scratch feature
  • FX section with 4 effects and 2 toggle switches
  • Professional ¼” mic input and balanced XLR and RCA outputs