iDJ Live Offer

As you may be aware, some iDJ Live controllers are not compatible with iOS 6, Apple’s latest operating system for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

First, if your iDJ Live stopped working when you upgraded your iOS device to iOS 6, we apologize for any frustration or difficulty this has caused you. Second, we’re going to make it right.

Our support team is waiting to hear from you to offer one of the following solutions:

  • A free iOS 6-compatibility upgrade for your DJ Live controller- Send in your iDJ Live and receive a free iOS 6 compatibility upgrade for your iDJ Live controller.
  • Or a 20% discount* off the purchase of a brand new iDJ Pro. Send in your iDJ Live and receive discount towards the purchase of an iDJ Pro.(*Discount available at participating Distributors only)

LIMITED TIME OFFER (Expires 31 December 2012)

Please contact us using the request form below. You'll receive an email with detailed instructions. Note: all fields are required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This offer used to read "$100 off the purchase of an iDJ Pro." It now reads "20% off." Has the offer amount changed?

The $100 discount represents a %20 discount off the iDJ Pro's $499.95 US purchase price. We realize this didn't present a clear message for our international customers. We've updated the language to reflect the same %20 value across all currencies.