This product has been discontinued.

The Numark DM1002MKII DJ mixer is an update of the classic DM1002 mixer. You’ll instantly recognized its distinctive curved level meters and stylish 2-channel tabletop design. The mixer features line, phono and microphone inputs for an exceptional value in basic straight-ahead DJ mixing.

For a 2-channel mixer, the DM1002MKII is very versatile with two line inputs, two switchable phono/line inputs, and one microphone input, as well as master and record outputs. The replaceable crossfader features reverse and slope control, plus two transform (punch) buttons.

Both channels include 3-band EQ with rotary frequency kills, as well as toggle kill switches. There are also tone controls on both the microphone input and headphone output. Additional updates include slider-style cuing, theft-proof knobs, and a dual-tone, tapered design. The DM1002MKII keeps the signature multi-colored, curved LED meters of the original model for master and PFL metering.


  • Inputs: 2-4 line switchable, 2 phono, 1 mic
  • Outputs: Master
  • Channels contain: PFL gain, 3-band rotary -30 dB EQ cuts
  • -35 dB KILLS switches for bass, mid, and treble, transform buttons
  • Replaceable crossfader w/ slope and reverse control
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