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Professional Multi-Format DJ Media Player

Total audio media performance.

Perfect for mobile DJs who want to locate their music instantly and playback from a variety of media sources, DDS applies familiar CD-player style controls to a wide range of media for today… and tomorrow. DDS is a rack-mount multi-media control deck for use with hard drives, CD/DVD drives, thumb drives, iPods, and card readers. You can quickly and easily access any track in your library or any connected device because DDS gives you fast track access with text search using the click knob or the included keyboard.


Simplify your performances with Numark's exclusive Crate system on DDS' large, high-definition, backlit color screen. Crate allows you to prepare set lists in advance, on the fly, or a mixture of both. You work with Crate the same way you’d work with records or CDs, picking tracks and queuing them up to Deck A or Deck B. Profile View functionality enables you to see the track's waveform in color for fast, visual cueing. You can spend less time in headphones and more time entertaining.


DDS has convenient USB ports that enable you to connect most any USB device for flexible compatibility with many media formats. Connect a dual-deck mixer and you can play, mix, and scratch CD audio with a connected drive as well as MP3, WAV, and AAC (unprotected) files from hard drives, thumb drives, data CDs, SD cards, and iPods.

Three USB ports give DDS wide-ranging connection options that are ever further expandable using standard USB hubs. Once connected, you can play two tracks simultaneously, including two songs from the same iPod.

DDS can also help you transition from CD to hard drive. You can rip your music from CD straight to hard drive, even while it’s playing. And if you’re not ready to make the move to hard drive as you main performance medium, you can create the security of a backup while you perform.


Control your music with a wide range of powerful controls. Beatkeeper™ technology helps you achieve effortless perfect beat mixing every time. It has a visual display that assists you in aligning and matching tempos and beats for less time in cans. And if you prefer a more manual approach, DDS’ tap tempo button will appeal to you.

You can pitch-shift any track over an extremely wide range from -100% up to +25%. While pitch shifting, engage Key Lock and be able to alter pitch and key independently of each other. DDS also gives you seamless looping and stuttering for effortless integration.


The most difficult part of dealing with some mass-storage DJ systems is finding the track you want quickly. DDS solves this problem in two ways. Its click knob enables you to quickly search by artist or track name. And if you need even faster access, DDS comes with a USB keyboard so you can simply begin typing. You’ll have your track in no time.

DDS has the transport controls you’re used to, and connects you to a whole new world of media. It has the feel and intuitive operation of a CD player, the high-tech power of a high-definition color screen and USB connectivity, and the promise that no matter where new media goes, you’re covered.


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  • Traditional dual-deck performance in rack-mount configuration
  • Large, high-definition color display for easy view of Crate and Profile View
  • Exclusive Crate system for intuitive, fast music management before and during the show
  • Play from two devices simultaneously, including two songs from the same iPod
  • Three USB ports for connecting iPods, CD/DVD, thumb, and hard drives
  • USB inputs expandable using standard USB hub (not included)
  • Scratch MP3, WAV, AAC (unprotected) files, and CD audio (requires connected drive)
  • Rip your music from CD to hard drive
  • Massive pitch-control range: -100% – +25%
  • Key Lock for independent manipulation of tempo and key
  • Beatkeeper™ technology for perfect beat mixing
  • Seamless looping and stuttering
  • Text search with letter-pick scrolling makes locating tracks fast
  • Included USB keyboard enables easy searching for songs and artists and system navigation