Serato DJ vs. Serato DJ Pro - What's the Difference?


SeratoDJProSerato DJ Pro is now 64-bit, which means it performs better than ever with virtually no limit on library size. The new release brings a few new features, design changes, and rock solid stability. All previously supported Serato DJ hardware works as well. Here are the key features and differences you will notice in Serato DJ Pro.





What do I need to know?

I'm still using Serato DJ 1.9 with my Numark/Denon DJ/Rane DJ controller. Do I need to pay to upgrade?

No, all Serato DJ Licenses and Serato DJ enabled controllers have been carried over to Serato DJ Pro 2.0. This means that you can download and install the new Serato DJ Pro 2.0 and continue to use your current Serato License and/or Serato Enabled controller.

See our guide here for instructions on starting a 14-day free trial of Serato DJ Pro and purchasing/activating a license. 


What does it mean that Serato DJ Pro is 64-bit?

64-bit support for Serato means a more stable and reliable software and more space to run even larger libraries.


Who needs to update to Serato DJ Pro?

Updating is not necessary just yet, but it is recommended for any current Serato DJ users.


Can I update from Serato DJ Intro to Serato DJ Pro?

Yes, users can update from Serato DJ Intro or Serato DJ Lite to the full Serato DJ Pro by purchasing a license. See our guide here for instructions on starting a 14-day free trial of Serato DJ Pro and purchasing/activating a license. 


Will installing Serato DJ Pro overwrite Serato DJ?

Yes, by default it will overwrite the program but it will not affect your current library. All of your content will remain the same. If you're interested in installing multiple versions of the Serato software, see their article here


What's new? 

Expansions, FX, Sampler, Video, Flip and My Serato

The first question you may be asking after launching Serato DJ Pro may be, "Where have my DJ-FX, Sampler, Expansions, Flip, Video, and My Serato gone?"

Serato DJ Pro makes these features more accessible than ever, but their location and button icons are different than in past versions.  Here's where to find them:

Note: If you still do not see your purchased expansions, make sure they have been enabled in the Setup screen in Serato DJ Pro.

  1. Flip Recording Expansion Icon

    Serato DJ Pro Flip icon

  2. Recording Panel

    Serato DJ Pro Rec icon

  3. DJ-FX Panel

    Serato DJ Pro FX icon

  4. Sampler Panel

    Searto DJ Pro Sampler icon

  5. Video Panel

    Serato DJ Pro Video icon

  6. My Serato & Setup - My Serato has now been moved to the top-right hand corner of the software next to the Help and Setup icons.

    Serato DJ Pro My Serato icon

    Setup has now been replaced with a "Gear" icon.

    Serato DJ Pro Setup icon 


Performance Pad view

Now you can display your cue points in a new, but still familiar layout that will resemble the performance pads on your Serato DJ Pro mixer or controller. Making planning and performing routines more efficient. 

Serato DJ Pro performance pads thumb md 


Practice Mode

The new added Practice Mode will allow you to mix two tracks with no hardware connected, which is ideal for prepping for gigs and testing out your blends wherever you are. You can still access the previous media player view as well. 

Serato DJ Pro Offline mode 1 Serato DJ Pro Practice mode 2

Practice mode comes with its own set of features:

  1. Practice Crossfader - Can blend audio from both decks. 

    Serato DJ Pro Practice Crossfader
  2. Track Controls - Track control area shows all panels for Cue Points, Beatgrid Editing, Saved Loops, Autoloops, Beatjump and the Flip Expansion pack if it has been purchased and enabled in the Setup screen.

    Serato DJ Pro Track Controls practice
  3. Volume Upfader & Input Gain Meter - Upfader controls the volume of the corresponding deck. Use the LED meter to monitor your audio signal.

    Serato DJ Pro Volume Fader Practice mode
  4. BPM & Pitch Slider - See the tempo of the track currently playing in beats per minute. You can also adjust the tempo by clicking and dragging the mouse up or down inside the BPM shown.

    Serato DJ Pro BPM 


Improved Support & Help tools

The improved help section includes tooltips and shortcut keys, and now introduces tutorials. You can now also contact the Serato support team, and search their knowledge base.

Serato DJ pro help thumb md


Further Technical Support

Whether you are having issues with Serato DJ Pro, or just have a few questions, you can reach out to Serato support and view more knowledge base materials using the links below.