Using the Numark iDJ Pro - Using with an iPad that has a Lightning Connector

iDJ Pro

Since apple switched their iOS devices over from the 30-pin connector to the new lightning connector, the following adapter (sold separately from Apple) has been popular with iDJ Pro users:

This adapter has made it easy for customers to use the newest lightning-equipped iPads with the 30-pin iDJ Pro. However the iDJ Pro’s rear access door must be left open on original iDJ Pro models to accommodate the additional bulk of the adapter.

Beginning in 2015, shipments of the iDJ Pro are labeled as ‘Lightning Ready’, and incorporate a hole integrated into the rear access door to allow the door to be closed when using the apple adapter. 

Customers with Lightning equipped iPads will still need the Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (sold separately), but because of the newly designed rear access door, will not have to leave it in the open position.

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