Product Spotlight

Numark knows one of the biggest hassles you have is setting up and tearing down your rig: carrying in and out your mixer, CD players, turntables, maybe a laptop; not to mention routing your audio. And with music stored in so many formats these days, you find yourself endlessly burning MP3s to CD (or vice versa) just to prepare for a gig.  You can kiss those problems goodbye, thanks to HDMIX!


HDMIX is a versatile solution for the pains of routing all your inputs and outputs. It offers RCA and XLR outputs for your master mix, RCA outputs for your booth mix, and 1/8" and 1/4" headphone outputs so you won’t even need to remember that pesky headphone adapter. You can plug in two 1/4" mics and three RCA line sources, two of which are switchable for use with turntables. No more concerns about whether or not you have the connectors or cable adapters: just plug in and play.


HDMIX can play a variety of digital music formats: audio CDs, MP3-CDs, or WAV, MP3, and AAC files. Pop a CD into HDMIX's built-in CD/DVD drive and play it there or rip it directly to its hard drive to add to your library. You can even rip from CD to hard drive while you’re playing the track, during the gig! HDMIX’s 80GB hard drive can hold a ton of tunes, and it's even upgradeable to 1TB and beyond. Between shows, you can pull the hard drive out for safety or even use multiple hard drives with your HDMIX. Hard drives lock in place for security too. Leave your laptop at home and quit worrying about mid-set crashes and slow CPU performance with HDMIX.


HDMIX's Librarian software helps you build, organize, and rearrange sets with incredible ease. With Numark's exclusive Crate system, you can arrange your music files in crates (like playlists) the same way you would work with CDs or vinyl. You can prepare your set before the gig or rearrange it during the performance. Organize your tracks with tags for artist, genre, or BPM for easier browsing. Use the Search function to pull up tracks immediately by simply typing it in (with the included USB keyboard). Shuffling through your CD wallets will be a thing of the past, and when you get those requests, you can fit them into the set in a matter of seconds.


HDMIX has all the controls of a regular DJ mixer and CD player. You can use the transport wheels to scratch, jog, or search through a track. You can make loops so the audience can hear that chorus a couple more times. Of course, HDMIX has the high-quality line faders, crossfader, and three-band EQs Numark DJs are accustomed to. Wide-ranging pitch controls let you change the tempo of the track while the Key Lock feature will keep the song in the right key. You can also enter a track's BPM on the spot by pressing HDMIX's "Tap" button in time with the song. You won't have to keep an eye on multiple CD players or turntables when you're mixing – it's all right in front of you on one easily navigable panel. And if you’re a CDMIX DJ, then HDMIX will come second nature to you. HDMIX is designed as the next evolution of the CDMIX family.


The large color screen is where all the magic happens. This high-definition display is easy to read and use, with six different buttons to select on-screen options as well as a click knob to rapidly scroll through lists and select your choices. Here, you can browse HDMIX's hard drive, search external hard drives or devices, tag your songs, adjust settings, keep track of the music playing on both decks, and more. Take advantage of HDMIX's features and flexibility in a 4.6” LCD.

Because everything is contained in one box , HDMIX can be taken anywhere for quick setup and performance. Fortunately, the optional HDMIX Case makes taking HDMIX to and from the gig about as easy as carrying a briefcase, but provides rugged, durable protection during travel. HDMIX Case even comes with its own backlit USB keyboard so that searching for tracks in the dark won't require a flashlight.

This professional, self-contained, all-in-one setup is the perfect device for any DJ: it's portable, durable, and versatile. HDMIX users don't need to worry about setting up, tearing down, or taking up too much space – the gig should be about the music!