Stealth Control is professional DJ performance in a sleek, heavy-duty metal chassis. Whether you're working a club or remixing in the studio, Stealth Control is your fingers' best friend. You'll spend less time with your keyboard and trackpad, and more time focused on the music.


We designed Stealth Control around our other popular control decks, such as Total Control and Omni Control. Its intuitive layout mirrors traditional "two decks and a mixer" setups, so if you play on turntables or CD players, you'll immediately feel at home on Stealth Control.


All of Stealth Control's knobs, faders, and buttons feature pinpoint performance because you need professional stability. You'll feel the difference immediately with one button press, fader touch, or knob turn. Stealth Control is housed in a rugged and heavyweight metal casing. That means it's built like a tank for years of gigs and transports, and its weight ensure that Stealth Control stays put on virtually any surface.


Just like the heft of Stealth Control, there’s nothing lightweight about the included DJ software suite. You get two high-octane programs: Native Instruments' Traktor LE and MixMeister Fusion Live. Based on Traktor Pro Traktor LE software gives you four optional layouts, including cover art. You will enjoy new Beatgrid Editing and saving with locked sync for precise performance. New in Traktor LE is manual looping and selectable loop length for flexible loop integration. Additionally, Traktor LE gives you a choice of effects per deck including filter, delay, reverb and flanger. Stealth Control comes factory mapped for use with Traktor Pro or LE for out-of-the-box performance. It's compatible with Mac and PC, and works with nearly any audio format. MixMeister Fusion Live is a completely radical approach to creative DJ performance software. It takes many of the technical tasks such as beat matching out of your hands, enabling you to focus on the production of your performance. Stealth Control's software suite gives you all the tools you need to keep the party going all night long.


Stealth Control connects to your Mac or PC using just a single USB cable for data and power. It's plug-and-play, so you don't need to install any drivers to make the connection.


Let's face it. Most DJ gear isn't all that sexy. That changes with Stealth Control. Finished in black slate metallic, Stealth Control is, quite possibly, the best looking DJ deck on the planet.


  • Plug-and-play USB connection, requires no AC adapter
  • Heavy, professional feel for high-energy performance
  • Rugged, stiff, rubberized knobs
  • Metallic black slate finish
  • Includes Native Instruments Traktor LE and MixMeister Fusion Live software; mapped for Traktor Pro
  • MIDI-over-USB communication


  • Stealth Control Performance Deck
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD
  • Quickstart Guide

    • 20 knobs
    • 5 faders
    • 31 buttons
    • MIDI over USB
    • Class-compliant, plug-and-play USB device
    • Mac and PC compatible
  • The Stealth Control is not lighting up. Is something wrong?
    • NOTE: the Stealth Control will not light up when connected to the computer. This is normal. The LEDs will only be able light up once the included Traktor LE software is completely and properly configured. The software must tell the LEDs to light


  • Windows: XP (SP2) or Vista, Pentium III or Athlon 1GHz
  • Mac: OS X 10.4, G4 1.5GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz
  • 512MB RAM
  • USB port