Safely carry your Numark controller in a light, durable case!

The Mixtrack Case is a perfect fit for almost all of Numark’s Mixtrack DJ controllers (see below). Its clamshell design gives you quick access to your controller to and from your gig. 
Made from a strong, lightweight composite resin material, the Case has a padded interior lined with foam that keeps your valuable controller from moving around during transport. There's also a slot inside the case to store your headphones and cables.
No damaged knobs, no scratches!

Mixtrack Case fits:
  • Mixtrack 3
  • Mixtrack Pro 3
  • Mixtrack Platinum
At your gig, place your controller on top of the Mixtrack Case to elevate it for better posture and performance. It also fits easily in an overhead compartment when traveling by air, so your controller is never out of your sight.