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Numark NVII - Download, Setup and Connecting with Serato DJ

The Numark NVII builds on the success of it's predecessor with an updated design and layout, additional on-screen library sorting options and most importantly: on-screen beatgrid view! This article walks you through how to get started with your NVII by do

Numark NVII - Frequently Asked Questions

The Numark NVII reimagines the hardware-software experience for the professional DJ. The NVII features an upgraded layout with clear markings for fast, responsive operation. It improves on the superior performance of the original NV.

Numark NV and NVII - My NV screens are not displaying wave forms. What should I do?

If your music files have not been analyzed in Serato prior to connecting your NV, your NV screens may not display the wave forms. Before you play music in Serato DJ, you should be sure that your music files have been analyzed, and that they are a support

Numark NV and NVII - How to DJ with a Closed Laptop

One of the most useful features of the Numark NV DJ controller is the onboard dual 4 inch displays. These screens allow you to DJ without having your laptop open, which can sometimes disconnect you from your crowd. In this guide I will show you how to set