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Numark Mixtrack Pro Setup in Traktor LE

A beginners to help set you up and get you going with the Numark Mixtrack Pro controller and Traktor. Mixtrack Pro is a complete DJ system that works with the music on your Mac or PC. Mixtrack Pro's classic two-turntables-and-a-mixer setup connects to yo

Numark Mixtrack Pro II - Loop Selections

First there was the Mixtrack Pro and now Numark brings you the Mixtrack Pro II, a professional DJ controller with the industry's latest performance controls. This guide walks through how to use your performance pads as well as edit, create and utilize you

Numark NS6 - Setup With Virtual DJ Pro/Numark Cue

The Numark NS6 allows for a huge variety of creativity as well as easy workflow. This guide walks through the setup for the Numark NS6 with Virtual DJ Pro/Numark Cue.

Numark NS7FX - Setup With Virtual DJ Pro and Numark Cue

The Numark NS7FX allows for a huge variety of creativity as well as easy workflow. This guide walks through the setup for the Numark NS7FX with Virtual DJ Pro/Numark Cue.

Numark CDMix Bluetooth - Frequently Asked Questions

Known for their intuitive layouts and groundbreaking capabilities, Numark’s CDMix Series CD players have been an industry standard for more than a decade. CDMix Bluetooth adds to the legacy, giving you a dedicated channel to mix tracks from any Bluetoot

Numark iDJ Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together answers to some of the most common questions about the Numark iDJ Pro controller. With the tips in this FAQ under your belt, you'll have even better control over your new hardware and software.

Numark Mixtrack Edge - Frequently Asked Questions

Featuring the ideal combination of essential capability and compact design, the Numark Mixtrack Edge is a controller every DJ should have in their arsenal. This article walks through some Frequently Asked Questions about the Mixtrack Edge.

Numark Mixtrack Pro II - Setup With Virtual DJ

From Numark, the leading creator of DJ technology, comes Mixtrack Pro II—now with a streamlined design and an expanded layout of professional controls, including 16 backlit multifunction drum pads and illuminated touch-activated platters. This guide w

Numark NS7II - Frequently Asked Questions

Your Top Numark NS7II Questions Answered.

Numark Orbit - Importing Multiple Controller Mappings in Traktor Pro 2

Todays DJ market is flooded with many types of USB MIDI turntables, mixers, and drum pad style controllers. Having such a wide array of controllers allow the DJ to put together a combination of hardware to compliment their performance based workflow. In t