Numark Mixtrack 3 - Troubleshooting Audio Issues in Virtual DJ

From Numark, the world’s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies comes the MIXTRACK 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. This article will help with troubleshooting the more common audio issues of the Numark MixTrack 3.  This is a class compliant USB device designed to work seamlessly with your computer's sound card. If you are unable to get sound from your computer, this article will walk you through checking the appropriate settings.





Mac Audio/Midi Settings:

Check your audio/midi settings in system preferences and make sure your computer's sound card (or preferred audio interface) is selected.  

  1. Click on the finder or the apple Icon and highlight the system preferences tab.

    mac sys
  2. Double click on the system Preferences tab and then double click on the Sound icon.

    mac sys pref sound
  3. Make sure only your MAC's internal sound card is selected, or your preferred external audio interface is selected here.

    Screen Shot 2017 03 28 at 4.39.51 PM 2




  1. Open up the control panel on your PC.  Use the Control Panel shortcut From the Start Menu.  Open the control panel on your PC and click on the SOUND icon.

    pc control panel
  2. Make sure your Windows PC's default sound card is selected for internal speakers or your preferred external audio interface is selected here.

    pc audio settings



Virtual DJ LE AUDIO Settings:

Before you double-check the soundcard assignments, make sure to do the following:

If you are unable to get sound from Virtual DJ LE, stop the track and check the following settings:


Internal Soundcard: 

If you're using only your internal soundcard for playback (most users), check the following settings:

  1. Open up the Virtual DJ Preferences by clicking on the Settings tab in the top right-hand corner of Virtual DJ.

    VDJ Preferences tab
  2. Choose the Audio Tab on the left and make sure the computers internal sound card is selected in the card area of the audio settings window.

    • Output: Speaker + Headphone
    • Card: Internal Soundcard
    • Master: Set to your soundcard - Chan 1&2
    • Headphones: Set to your soundcard - Chan 3&4


Two Soundcards: 

While some laptops have internal surround sound cards and/or speakers, most only have a single headphone output.  The simplest option is to add a basic stereo USB soundcard or audio interface for your headphones, such as the Numark DJ I/O.

  1. If you are using an external USB soundcard, assign the Audio Settings as follows:
    • Output: Speaker + Headphone
    • Card: Two Soundcards
    • Outputs: Headphones (Master : First card / Headphones : Second card)
  2. In the Outputs section, choose the following:
    • In the first drop-down list, choose your laptop's built-in sound card.
    • In the second drop-down, choose your external USB sound card.
  3. Click Apply to complete.

    2 s



Mono with a Y splitter cable:

You can use a single sound card and the mono separated option in VirtualDJ's sound setup, however, this will only give you MONO sound.  You will need a Y-splitter cable to split the left/right channels.  Plug the splitter cable into your sound card's headphone socket. Then plug your amplified speakers into the left output socket and your headphones into the right.

  1. In the Audio Settings tab, choose the following:
    • Output: Speaker + Headphone
    • Card: Stereo to Mono Splitter
    • Master: Set to your soundcard - Chan 1 (mono)
    • Headphones: Set to your soundcard - Chan 2 (mono)
  2. Click Apply to complete.

    y splitter?


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Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

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