Numark NS7III - Frequently Asked Questions

The Numark NS7III is like no other DJ controller on the market.  It is a premier four-deck controller which features three high-resolution color screens with a stackable waveform display and an interactive control surface.  To take full advantage of this complex DJ system we strongly recommend users to read the Quick Start front to back. In this article we answer the frequently asked questions that many users want to know.










 Hardware FAQ

 Display Screens FAQ

Hardware FAQ

Does my bundled Serato DJ software only work with the NS7III or can I use it with any other Numark controllers?

Serato DJ works with a wide variety of Numark controllers. For a full list of compatible Serato DJ controllers please visit:


If I'm on a Windows computer, do I have to install any additional drivers?

Yes.  If you're on a Windows computer, log onto the NS7III product page.  Download both the Windows Audio Driver v1.0.0 and Windows Display Driver v1.0.0.  Install both drivers.  


What DJ software is included with the NS7III?

Serato DJ software is included for free with your NS7III purchase. To download Serato DJ please visit:

What DJ software supports the NS7III?

The NS7III is a native plug & play Serato DJ controller. The NS7III may also work with other DJ programs as it is MIDI compatible however, your screens may not be supported.  

Is there a Vegas Mode or Demo Mode built into the NS7III that causes the lights and platters to move?

Yes.  To initiate the NS7III Demonstration Mode, power on while holding the right SYNC, and CUE buttons on Deck B. This also works on the NS7II.


Can the motorized platters on the NS7III be disabled?

 Yes. The NS7III's motorized platters can be turned off by pressing the Shift + Slip Mode.

How many effects are included with the Serato version shipping with the NS7III?

The version of Serato DJ that ships with the NS7III includes 12 iZotope effects. Two banks per channel, 3 effects per bank, 6 effects simultaneously on any channel. You can also purchase additional effect packs within the software. For more info, and full features of Serato DJ please visit:

Is the crossfader user replaceable?

Yes. The CP-Pro long life crossfader is user replaceable. Crossfader Part No. TWPC07C04901 - Cross Fader PCB Assembly.  Note: It's the same 2mm allen key as used with the NS7, NS7FX and NS7II to take apart the panel of the mixer.

Where can I purchase a new crossfader?

You can purchase the CP-Pro crossfader from many online retailers. You can also order this part directly through Numark. To order please contact our parts team: 401-651-3131 Ext. 1406

Are the platters on the NS7III belt driven or direct drive?

The platters on the NS7III are direct drive. Direct drive is the industry standard for professional grade turntables.

Are the drum pads velocity sensitive?

Yes. The 16 MPC pads are velocity sensitive.

Does the NS7III interface with an iPad or iPhone?

The NS7III has external inputs on the rear that will allow you to connect any audio device such as a phone, tablet, or drum machine etc.

Will the Vinyl records from the original NS7 and NS7II fit the NS7III?

Yes. The original NS7 and NS7II Vinyl and spindle accessory will fit the NS7III. In order to use original NS7 and NS7II vinyl’s, you will need to use their original spindle and holder.

What flight/travel case can I use to transport my NS7III?

The base units of all three NS7 models (I, II, III) are the same size, so they will all will fit in the NS7III Case.  What makes the NS7III Case different from NS7II or NS7 cases is that it accommodates the additional screens that are included with the NS7III, and are an optional add-on for N7II units. 


Does the NS7III include an attached laptop stand like the original NS7 did?

No, but it will include a display screen which will work for both the NS7II and NS7III.

How do you download and get the Prime Loop Remix Tool Kit and TOOLROOM Artist Packs?

After you register your NS7III at, the downloads for both software's will be listed under your Registered Products section.

I'm on a Mac computer, how do I download the driver?

Since you’re on a Mac computer, your NS7III is class compliant!  There are no additional drivers to install.  Currently, only Windows users need to download and install an audio driver - Windows Driver v 1.0.0.

Is the NS7III lighter than the NS7II and NS7?

Yes!  It’s actually 5 pounds lighter.

Why aren't the four channels on the NS7III interchangeable in Serato DJ?

The NS7III in Serato DJ were developed to work seemingly together.  The crossfader contour on the hardware accommodates separate line or phono inputs and allow you to adjust which software decks are being edited by the crossfader. The software's outputs on the NS7III specify what deck assignments are on the hardware.  They are not interchangeable in the software, though you can edit crossfader assignment.

When DJing with Serato DJ I can hear clicks and pops in my music. What can I do to fix this?

Some Serato DJ users on both Mac and Windows computers have experienced clicks and pops during audio playback.  We have found that removing the device from MIDI Studio window (Mac), lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second (Windows & Mac) and adjusting the USB Buffer Settings in Serato DJ can improve this.  In some cases, this could completely resolve the issue.  See the steps below.

Removing a Device from MIDI Studio (Mac Only)

  1. Open a new finder window and navigate to Applications > Utilities.
  2. Double click Audio MIDI Setup.
  3. Select Window from the top menu and ensure that MIDI Studio is checked.

  4. With the NS7III disconnected, click the Numark USB Audio Device.
  5. Click Remove Device from the top of the MIDI Studio window.

  6. Under the drop down menu, select New Configuration.
  7. Type the name of your new configuration.  Ex: Numark Controller.
  8. Reconnect your Numark NS7III.

Lowering the Maximum Screen Updates Per Second & Adjusting USB Buffer Size (Both Windows & Mac)

Is DVS supported with the NS7III?  

Yes!  With the release of Serato DJ 1.7.7, both NS7III and NS7II users can now utilize Serato's DVS Expansion Pack.  

I've opened Serato DJ, my NS7III is connected to the DJ software but my platters are not moving nor is Slip Mode working correctly.  What's going on?  

Recently Serato DJ has enabled DVS for both the NS7III and the NS7II.  When you first start up your Serato software, you may already be on REL or ABS mode if you have DVS enabled. Simply navigate to your Vinyl Control Modes section for both decks and select INT for internal mode. If your using DVS, select either REL or ABS but for use without DVS, select INT mode.


Display Screens FAQ

Will the display screens work both for the NS7II and NS7III?

Yes!  The screen is adaptable for both the NS7II and NS7III.  The display screens do not work with the legacy NS7 and other Numark controllers at this time.

If I lose my USB cord for my screens, can I use any other USB 2.0 A to B cable?

Yes!  You can use another USB 2.0 A to B cable in case you lose it.

When connecting the NS7III screens, how many computer USB ports does it use?

The NS7III w/display screens only uses one computer USB port and one USB cord to setup.  When you purchase the NS7III screens as an accessory for the NS7II, that setup will also use one computer USB port but the setup will be slightly different, utilizing two USB cords.  See below.

Numark NS7III displayscreenns7II

Do the NS7III display screens come with a power supply?

Yes!  When The NS7III screens are purchased as an accessory, it will come with a 12v 2amp power supply.

Will the NS7III display screens unlock Serato DJ?

No.  Since it’s an accessory, only the NS7II or NS7III will unlock the software for you.

Can I use the USB port from the display screen to charge my phone or portable device?

The USB port was designed for use with a thumb drive or external hard drive.  There were not intended to be used to charge portable phones or devices.

Can I adjust and modify what's displayed on the display screens such as the Artist > Song Title > BPM?

At this time, you cannot add, modify, or adjust those three listings on your screens.

If I adjust the speed of the Zoom Main Waveform Display in Serato DJ, will that be displayed on my NS7III screens too?

Yes!  If you adjust the Zoom Main Waveform Display in Serato DJ by pressing either the + or keys on your keyboard, you will see the adjustments being made in your screens.

When using the thumb drive port on the NS7III screens, can the NS7III act as a standalone DJ controller?

No.  The NS7III will need to be connected to your DJ software for use with a thumb drive.

When you connect a thumb drive to the NS7III screens, where is your crate/track information going to be displayed on the screens?

The crate/song information will be displayed on the center display screen when in Library View Mode.  Use your NS7III’s Load A or Load B buttons to load a highlighted song on a particular deck.  

When I connect my thumb drive to my screens, my songs aren't appearing in my Serato library.  What's going on?

In order for your screens to read tracks from your thumb drive, you'll need to add crates from your Serato library onto the thumb drive.  Your screens will only read Serato crates from your thumb drive.  For more information on copying crates form Serato onto a thumb drive, check out this helpful guide here.   

Can I use both my DJ software and my thumb drive together under one setup?

Yes!  The side screens will display what’s loaded on your decks.  The center screen will either display your stacked wave forms or your crates/song information.

How do you DJ with a closed laptop and only use the NS7III screens?

One of the most useful features of the Numark NS7III is utilizing its display screens. These screens allow you to DJ without having your laptop open, which can sometimes disconnect you from your crowd. In this guide here, we will show you how to setup your Mac or Windows laptop so you can close the lid, push the computer to the side, and focus on the dance floor.

Why do my display screens look foggy or blurry?

Each screen has an electrostatic protective sheet on them which prevents scratches.  Please remove this sheet for a nice clear display.


Why is it that when I press the PLAY button on one of my decks, my wave forms are not moving on the screen?

With the release of Serato DJ 1.7.7, this version enabled DVS for both the NS7III and the NS7II.  When you first start up your Serato software, you may already be on REL or ABS mode if you have DVS enabled.  Simply navigate to your Vinyl Control Modes section for both decks and select INT for internal mode.  If your using DVS, select either REL or ABS but for use without DVS, select INT mode.


Numark Support & Warranty Service

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the links below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support and the product page.