Numark NV - Serato Flip Expansion Tutorial

numark nv flip mainimageSerato's Flip expansion pack (sold separately) is a great tool for those using Serato DJ 1.7 and later.  With Serato Flip, you can record and play back triggered cue point information at any time during your set.  Flip mode allows the ability to edit tracks, extend intros and outros, breakdowns, transitions, and even make beats. This article walks through how to use this feature with the Numark NV.




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  1. Serato Flip Features
  2. Before You Begin...
  3. Recording the Flip
  4. Saving Flip Banks/Pads
  5. Additional Resources
  6. Further Technical Support


Serato Flip Features

Saving a Flip:

Utilizing Looping / Loop Snap:

Controlling Flip with your Hardware and a MIDI Controller:

Utilizing Recall and Replay:


Before you begin...

First, Serato Flip is offered as a paid expansion pack for Serato DJ, and is available for purchase here.

Next, ensure that each track you wish to use for Flip is fully analyzed and set to the beat grid.  Fore more information on Preparing and Analyzing Your Filesclick here.  Also, set the cue points for the song that you wish to record the Flip with before recording the Flip. Once the cue points are set, follow the steps suggested below.

Recording the Flip

  1. First you will want to show the Flip Panel numark nv flip fliptab in Serato DJ.  To do this, click the Flip tab at the top of the Serato DJ window.  To initiate Flip recording process, press the < PARAMETER adjustment on the deck of choice as shown in the image below.  The record button will begin to blink, indicating it's ready to record.

    numark nv flip leftparameter

    numark nv flip recordbuttonblinking
  2. Trigger your first cue point.  That will trigger your recording process.  You'll notice in the software that the deck that you are recording the Flip with is outlined in red.  

    numark nv flip outlinedred
  3. Once the Flip is complete, press the < PARAMETER numark nv flip leftparameter adjustment to stop the recording.  The deck with the recorded Flip with is now outlined in blue.  This means that Serato is playing back the recorded Flip.  Also, the ON and LOOP buttons are illuminated as the Flip is playing back.

    numark nv flip outlinedblue
  4. You can now save or re-record the Flip.  To save, select one of the six available banks from the Serato Flip Expansion window and choose Save.  You'll notice in the second image below that the Flip was saved in the fourth bank and renamed SAVED FLIP.  Also, you can save your Flip form the hardware without touching the computer.  See how here.  

    numark nv flip chooseyourbank

    numark nv flip savedflip
  5. To exit out of your recorded Flip, press the < PARAMETER numark nv flip leftparameter adjustment twice.
  6. To play back a saved Flip, highlight the Flip in Flip Expansion window and then press the right > PARAMETER numark nv flip rightparameter adjustment.  To exit out of the selected bank, simply press SHIFT numark nv flip shift  + > PARAMETER numark nv flip rightparameter adjustment.

    numark nv flip playingrightparameter


Flip Mode Pad Bank

To access the Flip Mode Pad Bank, hold SHIFT numark nv flip shift + press the CUES numark nv flip cues bank button.  In this mode you can store and recall up to 6 saved flips.  

          numark nv flip nvpads1


Additional Resources


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.