Numark DJ iO2 - Basic Setup

numark djio2 main angle1The DJ iO2 is a compact, portable audio interface expressly designed for DJ's, mobile music producers and other musicians who work with computers. Both in size and price, it's now easier than ever to fit it into your setup. This guide provides basic setup for today's popular DJ software.



Mac, PC and iOS Software Setup
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Setup With Native Instruments Traktor
  1. Once your DJ iO2 is connected to a USB port on your computer, open Traktor.
  2. Navigate to File > Audio Setup

    traktor 1

    Mac users choose Traktor Preferences Audio Setup

  3. Next, for Audio Device, choose Speakers (DJIO 2)


    Mac users choose Audio Device: DJIO 2 (Core Audio)

  4. Click on Output Routing. Set Mixing Mode to Internal. For Output Monitor and Output Master choose the following:

    -Output Monitor:   L - 3: Speakers (DJIO 2) Out 2  /  R - 4: Speakers (DJIO 2) Out 3
    -Output Master:    L - 1: Speakers (DJIO 2) Out 0  /  R - 2: Speakers (DJIO 2) Out 1

    traktor 3

    -Output Monitor: L: Back Left  /  R: Back Right
    -Output Master:  L: Front Left  /  R: Front Right


  5. Now set the Mix Knob all the way to the left and the Headphone Knob to %50.


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Setup With Virtual DJ/Numark Cue
  1. In the upper right hand corner, click on the CONFIG button.

  2. Next under the Sound Setup tab, choose the following:

    -Inputs: None
    -Outputs: Headphones (Master: Front output  /  Headphones: Rear output)
    -Sound card: 4.1 Card (Speakers (DJIO 2))


    -Inputs: None
    -Outputs: Headphones (Master: Front output  /  Headphones: Rear output)
    -Sound card: 4.1 Card (Speakers: DJIO 2)


  3. Hit Apply and then OK.
  4. Finally, set the CUE volume to %50 in the main window of Virtual DJ.

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Setup With Algoriddm DJay 2 For iOS
  1. To use the DJiO 2 with an Apple device you will need to use the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.
  2. Once your DJiO 2 is connected to your Apple device open Algoriddim DJay 2.
  3. Select the gear icon gear in the top center of the app just below the record button.
  4. In the window that opens, make sure under Pre-Cueing that your headphone volume is turned up and you set the slider all the way to the left for CUE.

    IMG 0024
  5. Next click on Settings and choose DJIO 2 (ch 1-2) for Main Output and choose DJIO 2 (ch3-4) for Pre-Cueing.

    IMG 0023

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