ATA-Style Flight Cases

Protect Your Investment

Arrive at the gig in style, with the security that your gear is completely secure. Numark cases are individually designed for the specific unit they house. No one-size-fits-all solutions here.


This coffin-style, heavy duty flight case was designed specifically for NS7, the Numark performance controller for Serato ITCH software. With a high-end professional system like NS7, messing around with a gig bag, or worse, no protection is just asking for trouble.

NS7 CASE is constructed of wood with metal reinforcement. It has two casters and a handle for easy rolling transport. It features removable front and back panels so you can perform with NS7 in the case for safety and security.

Because NS7 comes with a laptop stand, we designed NS7 to accommodate the stand as well as other accessories.

Protect your investment with the only case designed specifically for NS7.


  • Coffin-style flight case for NS7
  • Protect your investment
  • Wood with metal reinforcement
  • Casters and a handle for rolling transport
  • Removable front and back panels
  • Accommodates laptop stand
  • Room for accessories


There's nothing worse than setting up for a gig and finding your gear damaged. That was the thinking behind the design for HDMIX CASE. A metal reinforced, ATA-style wood flight case, HDMIX CASE houses and protects your HDMIX in transit and at the gig.

In typical Numark style, we've added a couple of features that make the case a no-brainer for any HDMIX jock. A slide-out tray houses a backlit USB keyboard for fast access to all of the letter and text-search capabilities of HDMIX. You can remove and flip the lid to use as a base for getting your HDMIX to just the height you want. With heavy-gauge, all-metal edging, hinges, corner reinforcements, and butterfly latches, HDMIX CASE is built like a tank and ready for battle.


  • Flight case for HDMIX
  • Houses and protects HDMIX in transit and at the gig
  • Metal-reinforced wood construction
  • Black vinyl finish
  • Slide-out keyboard tray
  • Comes with backlit USB keyboard
  • Heavy-duty construction


iDJ2 changed the DJ world with its revolutionary user interface, and easy integration with Apple's iPod and other storage devices. Now the most powerful DJ system for iPod just got more portable. The iDJ2 Road Case is the ideal way to protect your investment and extend the life of your iDJ2.

Solidly constructed, the iDJ2 Road Case provides the protective shell your iDJ2 needs when you're on the go. The inside is even better. Flight-grade, form-fitted foam fits snugly around the iDJ2 and keeps all of the buttons, knobs and faders protected. There's even storage space for your cables and hard drives as well as a slide-under keyboard tray so your entire iDJ2 rig can go wherever you do. A compact, backlit USB keyboard is included with the iDJ2 Road Case while supplies last.


  • Rugged, solid-construction case
  • Protective, form-fitted inner compartment keeps your iDJ2 safe
  • Custom tray for packing your iDJ2 keyboard
  • Built-in compartment for cable storage 


CDMIX CASE is a rugged carry case designed for CDMIX 1, CDMIX 2, CDMIX 3, and KMX02. This hardshell case features a locking, removable lid, which, when removed, enables you to perform with your CDMIX or KMX inside for safety. Protect your investment and arrive in style with CDMIX CASE.



CDMIX CASE 3 is a custom case designed for protecting and transporting any member of the CDMIX series of mobile-DJ systems. You can use CDMIX CASE 2 with CDMIX 1, iCDMIX 2, iCDMIX 3, KMX02, CDMIX 2, and CDMIX 3. It has a sturdy carry handle, a removable lid for performance while in the case, and locking latches for security.




Pictured products not included with any cases.