DJ Jam Master J’son

There comes a time in every boy’s life when he must take up the reins of a man. For some, those reins are worn and heavy with the legacy of those that came before him. Jam Master J'son is such a man.

The eldest son of legendary rap DJ, Jam Master Jay of Run DMC-fame, J'son is a naturally talented DJ and producer with a Numark V7, working with various indie artists who is heavily influenced by his father. J'son is well on the road to turning his love for his father and his passion for music into a career that will impact audiences around the world.

J'son's launchpad is built on a 30-year legacy left by his father. And while his father "Walked This Way," he doesn't want to 'just' fill his shoes, he wants to transcend. J'son embodies a millennial edginess to take him and his father’s legacy far into the future.

Json has a story to tell and a legacy to fulfill. His journey is currently being documented for a Reality TV show aptly named “You’ll see Jay Again My Friend.” J'son’s story will be an inspiration to all young men that are growing up in today’s cruel society without the much needed ‘Father Figure’ in their life. J'son’s story is one of tragedy and triumph. Fans will watch this ambitious young man’s dreams unfold and become reality.

A Power 5 DJ, Json is mentored by multi-platinum record producers Keith Shocklee and Fats Hill and seasoned music executive Bobby Springsteen.


"[The V7] has such a natural feel, it may as well be vinyl."

— DJ Jam Master J’son